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Return to Now, Book 1 : The Infant Prince

     wherein is chronicled:

Jack's first contact with the fox-shifter, Tija'l;

the attack of the korvidae;

his journey riding the silver dragon;

Jack's vision of the prophecy of Avalani'ra;

his experience of the horrors of Kra'akal and its cursed citizens;

the reappearance of Jack's childhood invisible friend, Orange the wyvern;

the repayment of an old debt;

and Jack's decision about journeying to the Now.

Bullied middleschooler Jack Grayson has always felt like an outsider, as though the doesn't really belong in this world.

Turns out, he's right. He's actually fro a magical otherworld called the Now.

Eleven years ago, he was hidden in this ordinary world, switched with a human baby to protect him from the fairling sourceweaver who killed his parents.

And now, he is told, he must return to the land of his borth to save the Now from a living abomination that, even now, oozes its way across the realm, corrupting the land and enslaving its people.


E-Book: $4.99

Paperback: $8.99

ISBN: 978-0-9838949-1-9

First Edition, illustrated

Text and illustrations Copyright 2011, Brian Shepp

30,040 words

152 pages