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Return to Now, Book 3 : Revolution in Anjhelius

     wherein is chronicled:

The seige of the Picean city of Anjhelius by the hoarde;

the judgment of the Five regarding the Spheres of Power;

Jack and Tija'l's descent upon giant manta rays to ancient ruins at the bottom of the sea;

their relationship with Nuala, warrior princess of the manta clan and Nobidius, the fiery revolutionary;

the storming of the forbidden Basillica;

the sick secret behind Obsidia'nar's powers of illusion;

Nobidius' past encounter with Kra'akal;

the rebel's undersea journey and desperate battle against the csyclythe and its consequences;

and the Spectacle on the eve of Samroun's Day that marks Obsidia'nar's rise to indomitable power.

The third installment of the epic Return to Now series plunges to the unexplored depths of the sea, to the troubled city of Anjhelius, weaving a tale of heroism, sacrifice, and the power of story.

The waters of the deep are not calm. The manta clan trambles on the verge of violent rebellion. And Nuala, leader of the rebels, has plans for the Prince.

Seeking only a way to the mainland of the Now, Jack and Tija'l become embroiled in her treasonous plot, one that promises to save her people from opression and tear her family apart.

"Who says you're supposed to be the hero, Jack?" Nuala asked, surprised. "You are part of this story, certainly. But a victory will require many heroes."


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ISBN: 978-0-9838949-3-3

First Edition, illustrated

Text and illustrations Copyright 2013, Brian Shepp

63,400 words

355 pages