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Truly a wonderful read."

"Truly a wonderful read. The characters were engaging - a great blend of classic archetypes of myth and folklore with a modern sensibility reminiscent of Charles de Lint. The story was epic in feel due in large part to the beautifully rendered landscapes of the created world as well as the urgency of the protagonist's mission; epic in a way similar to Tolkien or C.S. Lewis. But despite some of these comparisons, make no mistake, this is a novel that is wholly unique and wholly enjoyable."

(5 stars)

 - reviewed on by Van Veloso on 8/27/11

"I loved this book"

"I loved this book, which surprised me because 1) I have pretty high standards, and 2) I'm not generally a fan of fantasy or science fiction. It is extremely well-written, and the story line is both imaginative and exciting. In fact, I had trouble putting it down and read it in two sittings, ignoring my huge to-do list. I am the director of an elementary school, and I will be buying some copies for the students, as I know they will enjoy it as much as I did and will benefit from its portrayals and message. I absolutely recommend "Return to Now, Book One" for both adults and children."

(5 stars)

- reviewed on by Kristine Wyatt on 8/17/11


a world of magic and suspense..."

"I loved this book! Brian Shepp has written and illustrated a world of magic and suspense for young Jack, the hero of this tale, to accept and explore. This non-ordinary world is filled with a collction of menacing villains and surprising companions that combine into a vortex of adventure. JAck is faced with perilous situations and some unexpected resolutions.

I sometimes assess books by the suspension of "real" time they elicit. Using that criterion alone, this one's a keeper: chores undone and phone unanswered I had to know what would happen next. And I have to know what's in store for Jack in the second book in this series. Once you read it, you'll be captivated too."

- reviewed on by Marylee on 12/4/11

"What a story. It stole my heart many times over."

- Julia Ransom via email

"perfectly pitched for the young adult crowd."

For those readers who feasted on Tolkien and were left feeling a bit undernourished by the Harry Potter books, this series might provide a healthy meal. The world has a richness and nicely evokes a kind of parallel reality...a deft choice is the structuring of the character's names which reminds me of how you could "feel" the character in the Tolkien books through their names. The textures and descriptive narrative are also perfectly pitched for the young adult crowd. I predict that the "Return to Now" series will quickly gather a cult following.”

(5 Stars)

- reviewed on by Terrence Hollingsworth on 8/18/11

"captivating and very visual."

“I read this book with my 12 year old and we both really enjoyed it and are anxious to read the next installment. The story line is captivating and the writing is very visual - a plus for the fantasy world created by the author. Recommended for kids especially those who like fantasy and good adventure tales.”

(5 Stars)

- reviewed on by Edward Keller on 820/11

"You learn to truly care about Shepp's characters.."

"Brian Shepp creates a marvelous tapestry woven from threads of fine literature. He takes fantasy to the next level in his Return to Now series. The Infant Prince is an ideal novel for kids in their teens to adults of all ages. The novel is full of monstrous creatures and deities. You learn to truly care about Shepp's characters due to his fantastic stylized writing."

- Gabe Freiman (age 12) Seattle youth correctional facility 11/12/11

"Character driven, clever and other worldly."

“A+! Character driven, clever, and other worldy. A world exists here that is so foreign to our own, but very close to our hearts' inner landscapes. It is ours and largely speaks of the trouble and times we are currently experiencing: bullies, self-doubt, destruction of the earth, and ruthless leaders. The biggest issue I had with the Now was wanting more, NOW! I can't wait to read the next installments in the series and have all my unanswered questions answered. What will happen next is plaguing me because Jack, Tija'l, and the Now have truly become a part of my daily thoughts and a part of my life.”

(5 Stars)

- reviewed on by Orion H. 11/9/11