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The Spheres of Power

From Appendix A - Book 3: Revolution in Anjhelius

The true nature of the Spheres of Power is a mystery shrouded in time and veiled by episodes of lost history. Since knowledge of the very existence of the Five Prime Spheres of Power has only recently returned to light, reliable information as to their nature is difficult to separate from speculation. However, most scholars agree that the First Ones manifested forth the Spheres at the beginning of the First Age as a means of harnessing and balancing the forces of the Now, thus bringing order to the chaos of pure creation.

It must be noted, however, that there are those self-proclaimed experts or, worse, prophets who still dispute many of the basic facts now understood 





about the spheres. Facts appear to be unimportant to these people, and they selectively blind themselves to anything that conflicts with their own self-constructed beliefs. Let it suffice to say, then, that most of the people concerned with such matters - and certainly all who have actually studied the matter at any depth - agree that the Five Prime Spheres of Power do exist, hidden away in teh five corners of the world, and represent a potential threat to the balance and survival of the Now.